Friday, August 30, 2013

A love note... (8/9/13)

From Rob, to Chirsty:

I love your daily posts; they are raw, emotional and completely real. You don't hold anything back, which is one of the things I love most about you; I've told you time and time again that I wish I was more like you in this way. You are doing an amazing job with our little girl, but I already knew you would because your the strongest person that I know and if anyone could do this, it's you. And Sandy is right, Imani must trust you enough to let you see this side of her...let that thought marinate for a while. This precious little angel who's been dealt one of the crappiest deals in life is starting to trust you, her mother, the person who chose her and to love her as your own. I know it's hard over there and it may not seem like it, but the rest of us can see how much she's already grown in your care. I look at the pic of Mama Koko holding Imani or her birth-mom holding her and I see the detachment from them, the unfamiliarity, the lack of trust in her eyes, the lack of expression....and then I look at the pic you put up tonight and I see life in her eyes, I see security and I see love...and that's because of you. So proud of you! Keep your head up and stay strong, we all are supporting you and cheering for you here at home. Love you, me....

Tracking DNA (8/12/13)


Today was a very active day of sitting around the house! LOL I was very busy tracking the DNA package across the world. We spoke to several people at DHL and the DNA Center. When we ordered this DNA test the lady told me that they would email or fax the results to the Embassy. Here is a quote: "The results go to the Embassy immediately!" Well, not so much. Apparently, this Embassy is one of the 10 percent from around the world that wants their results in hard copy format. That means another trip through the DHL process. UGH! So, after many many phone calls yesterday to London and the US, we learned that the package was leaving England at night and would arrive in Cincinnati on the 12th. We were super doubtful, but finally, last night the page UPDATED and showed leaving England, Then, in the middle of my night, it arrived in Cincinnati! YEAH! It is scheduled for delivery today and I am praying that the test is completed and able to be shipped back to Congo on Thursday's flight! Then, it should arrive in Congo on Sunday night/Monday morning. So, it appears that even though the package was delayed a couple of times in Kenya and England, we technically will not loose any "time". That is a good thing!!!

I am also waiting on some paperwork to be redone. Everyday we are told "tomorrow". We need this paperwork THIS WEEK. Please help us pray this into fruition! I know this can happen as stranger things have happened in Congo!

Update (8/10/13)


We had a really nice day today. We went over to an American's house here in Kinshasa. Her husband is in the military and he was at work, so she invited us over. It was a very nice house! Pool and everything. She was really kind - make us real coffee from a coffee maker, chicken salad, cookies. It was great! It was so nice to get away. It is winter here, so it was cool without being cold - my favorite kind of weather!!!!

Another mom and I *might* have been stalking the DHL website. We had received SO MANY stories of where our packages were - They were still in Nairobi, they were being ground transported to another Kenyan airport, this last scan was only a container scan so it MIGHT have left already. No one seemed to know exactly. So we started calling at no...on our time - 4:15am PST. Another mom called and got the run around again. So I called. the lady said, "Yes, it is strange that there have not been any scans since Thursday, but our research people do not come in until Monday so you'll have to wait until then." Um, not so much. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I told her exactly what was up. I told here that there were 4 DNA tests that NEEDED to get back to the United Stated for processing. I told her that the longer my package was in limbo, the longer I had to stay in Congo - which is AFRICA. I think once she realized I was sitting in Congo, she started to understand. I told her my stay in Congo depended on the Embassy getting the results of this test. So, she said she would call Nairobi because DHL flights were scheduled to have returned to normal on Friday night, so ours should have left Friday night. She called back a couple of hours later and said she got no where with Kenya, but they do fly on Saturday and Sundays, so ours should go out. Oh we waited and refreshed ALOT. FINALLY at 9:40 last night it processed and an hour later it departed Kenya. The supervisor called back and said she wasn't sure if it would arrive in Cincinnati today or Monday, but it should go out for delivery on Tuesday after clearing customs. She did change my delivery for the earliest possible delivery so that there is a chance it will start testing on Tuesday. We will call the DNA center on Monday to see if we can get it done and results sent a little quicker. So, we will see.

I am still not feeling well. Now it has moved to my sinuses - this is cold symptoms - not malaria symptoms. There is a NP here, so she is keeping an eye on symptoms = so don't worry!

Here is what I need this week:
1. Prayers for health
2. Prayers for new paperwork to be received in the beginning of the week
3. Prayers for the Bordeaux letter
4. Prayers for quick DNA processing and results sent to Embassy
5. Prayers for a quick Visa Appointment

Fire in Nairobi (8/10/13)


We have been in contact with DHL. The DNA test was flown into Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday night - why? Not so sure since there was a massive fire there. They told us last night that they were using ground transport to ferry it to another one of Kenya's airports. The package will not update until it boards the plane to the next destination. Needless to say, it has been in Kenya since 9:15pm Thursday night. We need this package to get on the plane TODAY. These types of flights usually leave at night, so there is PLENTY of time for them to get there and then get on the plane. Can you please pray with me? I need that package on a plane out of Kenya and safely flown to Brussels and then back to Cincinnati. Thank you!

Bad day (8/9/13)


Today was the first "bad" day. Imani had two meltdowns today. UGH. I was growing a bit impatient with her, honestly. I mean, am I going to change my mind because she keeps crying?

I had arranged to meet a director to receive an important piece of paper today. I ha no guarantees, but I had hoped he would give it to me if I asked. (Wishful thinking? I didn't think so....). Our appointment was at 1, then it was moved to 3. And then, when we call our contact he said that the director had told him that from now on they would only give the letters to the attorneys. He kept saying he was "on his way". By 4:30 when he still was not here, I knew he was not coming. I was really angry. Just tell me the truth. Don't feed me this line about being on the way when you are not. ...I *might* have gotten a little frustrated and told our translator, "This is ridiculous, he is lying!" So then, I got the talk about how he is not necessarily lying, something else might have come up. I just don't understand. If something came up, then tell me, don't have me waiting around thinking you are coming and you aren't.

It was just a bad way to end the week. We had pizza and some wine and now I am good. I was hoping for some good news today, but it did not happen. DNA sample is in Nairobi, Kenya and hasn't moved in almost 24 hours so I am getting a little nervous. I was really thinking that sample would be there by Monday so they could run the tests and get them to the Embassy on Wednesday or Thursday.

We will see how it all plays out. I will take some pictures tomorrow. I know we will do something, not sure what. Have a great Friday and please say a little prayer for our family!!!


Saying good bye and being sick...yuk! (8/9/13)


Today was another day of - wait for it - WAITING!!!!! LOL

My friends that were waiting on their exit letter were able to leave last night and we said goodbye to such a wonderful family! Their faith in God was awesome to see....

I am sick - not malaria sick - more like sinus infection type sick. Started a Z-pak yesterday. Imani had a meltdown when I went to the story without her to get the medicine. I have put her in an Ergo and she loves it, but she weighs like 38 pounds, so it is a lot on my back. I just couldn't do it. So, she had a meltdown. I came back and she was still crying so I took her to our room and just held her until she was done. After lunch she had the mother of all break downs. Made what I remember my boys tantrums look like a piece of cake! She wanted to go to the store in the car with another family and there wasn't room. So, I had to take her to our room where she probably screamed and cried for at least an hour. I held her, I sat next to her, I did everything I could. When I would let her down she would go over to the door and try to get out, so I locked it. Oh, that just took it to a whole NEW LEVEL. She banged on the door and screamed and screamed and screamed. Her voice was getting hoarse from all the screaming, so I picked her up, put her blanket around and rocked her until she fell asleep. She woke up her normal self!

I thought we were headed for another meltdown at dinner time because one of the other kids was asking for Fanta. I held my breathe and we both said, "No Fanta tonight" and they moved on. I don't think I could have taken another meltdown.

The kids played, then the mosquitos came out and we all went inside. The kids played some more and then it was bath, suki, Dora time. After Dora, she came over to me with he blanket and said, "Kolala", which means, "I want to sleep". I was like YEAH!!!! She was telling me she was tired! I was sick and exhausted so I went to bed with her.

Waiting for DHL and praying for another family (8/7/13)


Another day of waiting! I already posted the great thing about the DNA being picked up (by DHL), so it is on its way (back to the states for processing)!!!!

This exit letter is something that us Americans don't understand. These children are already lawfully ours under Congolese law, so not sure exactly why we have to get another letter that can only be done after the US Embassy gives a visa. The letter is useless - honestly. It is a letter that says, yep, you can take your child out of the country....

There is a couple here who have been here for 4 weeks. They haven't been waiting the ENTIRE time, but pretty close to it. They have spent over $1,200 in flight change fees. They spent a lot of time at that office today begging for their letter. They STILL DO NOT HAVE IT! Please pray for them. They need to get home to their other children who are having a VERY hard time.

Thank you!