Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick update...

Ok, just a quick update.  We are currently waiting on the final final final Act of Adoption document from Congo so that we can apply for her Congolese passport.  We expect, and have been expecting, to get that document any day now, and once we have it the passport process takes anywhere from 2-4 we are planning on the 4 weeks.  I say that we have been expecting the Act of Adoption because we've been told since Dec. 18th that it would be next week...any day now...should have it tomorrow...etc etc etc.  To say that it's been nothing short of frustrating waiting for this single piece of paper would be a lie, and even though our process has been happening at a very quick pace in the adoption world, it doesn't make it any easier.  When your normal pace is A and their normal pace is B, the disparity between the two can become quite stressful, even in something as wonderful as this. 

So, with all of this being said, we have found it prudent to start looking into airline tickets and travel arrangements.  Now, the ticket prices are about what I expected...maybe even a little less...but the travel time is what's kinda got me shell-shocked.  We're talking about a 35-40 hour travel period depending on which flights you take, this having the longest layover at about 3 hrs and with some flights being as long as 8 or even 15hrs in the air!  Now, let me set a mental picture for you...I'm 6'3"...and 6'3" and long airplane rides don't jive, know what I'm saying?  This should be interesting.  We've also started talking about hotel arrangements and meal plans and such;  essentially we will be staying at an old monestary now turned hotel for the duration of our stay, which is convenient because it's centrally located between the marketplace and the U.S. Embassy. 

That's all I've got for today;  praying the letter arrives very soon so we can check that one off the list...not too many more things on the list, actually.  Act of Adoption, Passport, travel...getting close!

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