If you are interested in helping support us as we go through this journey, here are some ways:


1.  Be a Piece of the Puzzle - The main fundraiser we've decided to do is a keepsake for our daughter when she arrives in the form of a puzzle as seen below.  The cool part about this is that you get to be an integral part of the keepsake as well.  For every puzzle piece you buy, we will put your name on the back of it.  Once all of the pieces are sold, we will assemble and frame the puzzle front and back with glass and hang it in her room.  This way she can turn it over and see all of the people that loved and supported her, even before she arrived.  Each puzzle piece is $5 and you can buy them through the chip-in link on the right of this screen. 

2.  Just Love Coffee - they have helped lots of adoptive parents bring home their children by giving a portion of each sale to your adoption.

Whitver Just Love Coffee

Thanks for your support!

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