Our Story

We are Rob and Christy Whitver.  We met in 1999 while Rob was stationed in Norfolk, V.A. serving in the U.S. Navy and we immediately hit it off, spending virtually every day together since.  We married in September 2000 and have since been blessed with 3 healthy, active boys;  Dillan-11, James-9 and Benjamin-5.  Since moving to Richmond, V.A., we have been blessed with a wonderful home, great jobs in the medical field, great neighborhood and neighbors, and have become very involved in a wonderful church, Journey Christian Church...living the American Dream, right?  We thought so, until we were fortunate enough to be drawn to a class offered by our church called Experiencing God.  It was through this class that our hearts have been transformed and we have been begun to hear God's whispers to us and where we are to join Him in His work.  These whispers became louder while Christy was on a missions trip to Brazil earlier this year where God broke her heart for the less fortunate children of this world, and it became clear to us recently through prayer and circumstances that the Lord was leading us to add one (now two!) of these children to our family through adoption.  The Congo has grabbed our hearts and won't let go, and we are starting the process of adopting from there.  We are scared and nervous and excited and apprehensive of what the future holds, but we are confident that in our obedience that God has something miraculous planned, and for that we cannot wait.  Thank you for your prayers, time and support...we need them all.
-Rob & Christy

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  1. Hello I love your story and I too am looking into adopting from Africa may I ask how you did to without an agency I am very interested and have had not much luck during researching this. My email is melissa.mm09@gmail.com I would really appreciate the help.