Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our cups runneth over...

Yesterday was truly a remarkable day.  It started a little before 6 a.m. with a phone call...from Africa!  And on the other end of the phone we heard the sweetest little voice say "Bonjour Momma."  Oh My Goodness!  Let me explain...

One of the directors of the adoption "agency" that we are using is over in DRC right now with two other adoptive mothers on a visit to deliver supplies and food that all of us adoptive parents collected to the orphanages our kids are coming from.  Yesterday they were in our orphanage and had the opportunity to get some of the older kids on the phone for a quick call back here to the states.  WOW!  What a blessing it was to be able to hear their sweet voices, even if only for a short 30 seconds, but it was so encouraging and uplifting to hear them.  What a way to start the day...

Then, later in the day the pictures started rolling in on the "agency's" FB page of their visit from today, and man did they take a lot of pics.  It was incredible to see new pics of our kiddos, especially the pics of Galvani and Imani together;  they've been told that the same family is adopting them both and that they'll be brother and sister, and by the pics, it looks as though they are getting used to the idea.  Not only were there pics of our kids, but also pics of everyone else's kids as well.  It was so much fun, all of us sitting in front of our computers, hitting refresh looking for the latest pic that was uploaded and then seeing the flood of comments pour in, fawning over each child...even if they weren't your own.  I'm truly amazed by how supportive the adoption community is of it's own;  these people have become so important to us and we haven't even met any of them...yet. 

If you've noticed, I keep referring to our agency in quotation marks...why?  Our agency, DRCAS (Democratic Repuplic of Congo Adoption Services), is not your typical agency.  When I think of an agency, I think of a business with offices and overheard and tons of staff;  not true with DRCAS.  DRCAS started off with two women, mothers who saw the plight of orphans and decided to do something about it.  These women has since dedicated their lives to advocating for these children and working tirelessly to provide an ethical adoption program for those of us who want to provide a forever home to these children.  And here's the real kicker, their desire is for this agency to be built with the families who have used their services, to the point that there are committees to help guide the path of the agency that are entirely made up of adoptive parents.  You won't find that in any other agency....talk about accountability and transparency.  What a blessing it is to be a part of this group of people who's only desire is to help the fatherless.

God is good...all the time...especially yesterday. 

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  1. Oh the JOY of new pictures :-) And a special treat to get to hear their voices as well. I got to spend some time in-country with A. and she is an amazing person. I am excited as well with all that is happening with DRCAS.