Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Round and Round....

Round and Round we go, where we'll stop nobody knows!!!!

These last two weeks have felt like we have been spinning uncontrollably on a merry-go-round.  Spin a little here, spin a little there, up over here, down over here and spin it all around!

On January 21, 2013, the US Embassy in Kinshasa changed the "rules" on us.  They decided that due to corruption from certain American adoption agencies and certain lawyers in the Congo, they needed to begin doing much, much, much more through investigations.  So much so they are estimating it will take an additional 3 to 6 MONTHS!!!!  The Embassy is honoring all appointments that were made previous to the changes.....but, that still doesn't help us.  I mailed our i600 (all of our Congo paperwork for the adoption - once this is "approved" our daughter is classified as our immediate family member and will be allowed entry into the United States) on January 29th.  We were a few short weeks away from making those appointments!  I was SO MAD!  LIVID, actually.  Immediately, I begin thinking, "God, what is going on here?  Are you serious?  For real? This is a joke right?  3 to 6 MONTHS???"  As I normally do, I run with all of my emotions to the worst case scenarios and I am playing them all out in my head.  If this happens, then I will do that....If that happens, then I will do this.  I also immediately begin thinking, Ok, How do I get around this?  Where is the loop hole?   How can I weasel my way around this? Think, think, think.......and then......

I had peace.  Peace that transcends all understanding - that is the only way I can describe it.  It is not going to be THAT much longer.  I just know it.  Now, no, I did not hear some thundering voice, "Christy, stop worrying, it will not be 3 to 6 extra months!"  HA!  Our lawyer and facilitator have not had one issue with any of their cases.  Not a one.  All of the visa's that the Embassy has issued has been done quickly.  They have every single document - even all the ones the US says are not required.  Immigration hasn't had any problems with any cases.  Don't get me wrong....I still sometimes ponder, what if it was 6 more months?  6 more months of the orphanage, 6 more months of her possibly having worm or parasites., 6 more months of .......fill in the blank.  I've decided, I'm going to pray her home.  I know there was nothing unethical about my case.  I have nothing to hide.  While I am heartbroken that my timeline is not being followed, in the end, these more thorough investigations are going to cut down on corruption. 

I have spoken about this before, but there are approximately 4.6 million orphans in DRC alone.....why would there need to be ANY kidnapping?  Really? Yep, really really.  One of the cases that caused these changes were allegations that a child was kidnapped and had gone through the whole process and is already in the US.  Another example is that an attorney created fraudulent paperwork and tried to use it for two different children - one already in the US.

It honestly makes me sick to think about what some of these parents in the US are going through knowing that their longed for and deeply loved child was a product of child trafficking....I can't even begin to think about what the parents in the DRc are going through.  So, if the Embassy wants a little more time to make sure my case is on the up and up, please, take it.  On the off chance that something unethical was revealed, I would much rather deal with it now then in 2 years....

This is just one thought for today....I have LOTS this week that I will be sharing!  Rob and I will have a very, very cool announcement on Monday, February 18th!  I can't wait to share!!!!



  1. Praying her home!! Yes! We're praying too. I am glad to read that you feel the peace that only God can give. You have all been in my thoughts especially since the announcement about the delays. Keep us posted!