Monday, August 13, 2012


Finally!  I finally feel like some sort of progress is being made!  Last night I received a draft of the Home Study.  It was written beautifully!  Our draft is now being reviewed by our adoption consultant and I will pick up the certified copy tomorrow!  EXCITING! 

What is even more exciting is the fact that I will pick it up, put it with our I600a and go straight to Fed Ex!  Then I will race home, scan it, and upload to DropBox so our translator can access it to begin translating our Dossier! 

I am so excited I can barely contain myself! 

I cannot begin to describe the ways God has been working over the last week.  I can’t get into everything here, but trust me when I say – HE IS WORKING!  Here is just ONE example:

I live in a neighborhood where we all try to get to know each other – become a sort of “community” in the true sense of the word.  I created an “event” on Facebook to sort of broadcast our “Be a Piece of the Puzzle” fundraiser.  One of my neighbors down the street signed up to begin selling Stella & Dot jewelry.  She offered to donate ALL of her commission from my jewelry show to our adoption!  This totally came out of now where.  How could I say no to this?  So, I will be hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show on Friday, September 14th!  So excited!  I am also so very thankful and grateful that she would offer to do this.  How special is she?  If you love Stella & Dot, or even if you don't, my show is already "live" and you can access it here:

I know that in the adoption world waiting is the norm, but I am so excited that our home study is done, our documents are in translation and on Thursday morning, USCIS will receive our I600a via Fed Ex that I am almost bursting out of my skin!  These very important steps will bring us closer to meeting the daughter God has for our family!

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