Sunday, August 19, 2012

This thing is tough...

We're making progress on the puzzle that we're using for the Be A Piece of the Puzzle fundraiser, but man, this thing is tough.  Neither one of us have ever put together a 1000 piece puzzle and it's proving more difficult than we had anticipated, but also more rewarding.  The other night during our small group that we host one of the couples "bought" a puzzle piece for each member of their family, then picked 5 random pieces and signed the back of them.  That was a really special moment for us, for in that moment we went from just assembling a puzzle to assembling a personal gift to our daughter.  It has also rejuvinated us in a renewed effort to finish it.  Here is how we are progressing...

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  1. Love this idea for a fundraiser! I also love that both you and your husband write your blog. It gives a very unique perspective. Thanks for stopping by our blog. I love meeting more people that are adopting. Adding your blog to my reader :-)

    Zalen was our 4th child as well, so I related to your - Are we crazy blog?! Loved it. Sometimes crazy is a very blessed place to be.

    Tessy at Divine Moments: