Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God Provides!

Well, Rob and I got into a little "disagreement" last night.  This followed the one from last week. 

When we first began this journey, our dear friends, warned us that things would happen. 

Last week's "disagreement" was a big one.  I was mad - he was mad - we both went to bed mad.  I got up the next morning I got up to do my bible study and to pray and God reminded me of the warning we had received.  Apparently, our friends began to argue (about nothing really) but to the point where they began to doubt their decision to bring another child into their home.  We didn't get that far, but there was a general feeling of - annoyance - in our relationship that seemed to dig it's feet in and get comfortable.  I woke Rob up the next morning and we discussed this.  We decided that we would not even discuss the previous night because we both knew we went normal to over the top in less than 6.2 seconds!  Anyway, we moved past that last week. 


It happened again last night.  We recognized it much quicker this time, but we argued about waiting and praying.  I asked him to pray because I was getting anxious about the waiting again.  I did really well this past week, but my facebook "group" friends all got updates and some announced referrals and the anxiety of it all came creeping back.  Last night I whined to Rob that I was really good this past week and that I needed a "bone" or "nugget" or something to keep me going.  Something to let me know that we were still moving in the right direction.

I got up this morning and prayed.  I prayed that I would have the strength to wait well.  This is a very difficult thing for me.  I don't like waiting.  I can't stand it.  DO-ers are not waiter-ers.  We just aren't!

Well, God provided a little nugget for me!  Our documents are being translated into French as we speak!  Praise God!  Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank  you!!!  I can work with this.  At least something is happening.  This is all wonderful because once we get our referral (anytime now, really) our documents will be translated and ready to go!  We won't have to "wait" on this.

YEAH!  A little "something" to tide me over! 

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