Friday, July 13, 2012

Home Visit

We had our Home visit last night. It went great. I really like our social worker - she is very sweet and patient. My boys were drilling her with questions and telling stories about the most random things. She opened the door though....she asked if they had any questions! I'm not sure they asked her ANYTHING about the adoption. Here are a couple of the best questions I remember from last night: 1. Is Timbuktu in Mali and is Mali close to Congo? 2. Are you going to bring our new baby? 3. Can I check on your phone for a world map? 4. Why do have to be here? 5. Want to see our baby turtle? You know, all pretty decent questions. The answer is, yes, Timbuktu is in Mali and Mali is close to Congo. No, your Mommy and Daddy will bring the baby home. And yes, she was interested in the baby turtle. She was great! Handled them like a pro! I also liked that our Social Worker was very supportive of our decision to pursue an independent adoption instead of going through an agency. It was nice to have her supportive of that. Everything is turned in except for our autobiographies, Rob's physical and all the boys' physicals. They all have appointments next week, so I will turn it all in and then hopefully we can get our last appointment scheduled and done before we leave for vacation on August 4. Our CPS forms are already in the works, Rob hand delivered those on Monday. Our FBI checks are being mailed today and we were told it takes approximately 3 weeks. So.....remaining things in order to get our Home Study "done": 1. 3 positive references 2. Rob's physical 3. All 3 boys' physicals 4. CPS checks completed 5. FBI clearance recieved 6. Last meeting with Social Worker We've gotten alot accomplished in less than a week! I know this pace will not continue, but it is nice.....

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