Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making Progress

Day by Day we are making progress.  Today, we have accomplished the remainder of our physicals.  All three boys and Rob are done and their forms are filled out.  All of them have had their TB tests done and read.  Tonight, Rob and I will finish our autobiographies and a questionnaire about parenting.  We have scheduled our last meeting with the social worker for next Friday morning at 9 am.  After that, we will play the waiting game.  I think that 2 of our 3 references have been received, so we are waiting on 1 more.  We will also be waiting for our FBI checks and our CPS checks.  I'm sure those will arrive while we are on vacation the first week in August.

I have already filled out the I 600a, so that is ready to go as soon as we get our Home Study approved and certified.  Thankfully, Rob's work is very flexible, so hopefully he will be able to get it certified pretty quickly once it is complete. 

So, we begin the waiting process!

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