Sunday, July 15, 2012

We have been "warned"

Over the last two weeks we have been warned many times that Satan will try to interfere with our journey, so we have been expecting this. We have been told to expect him to test our relationship with each other (and our children), our finances and most importantly our faith. What came as a shock to me was how quickly the attacks started. We have made amazing progress in our home study. We have already had two of the three meetings, all of our background checks are in the works, we are putting the finishing touches on our autobiographies and medicals will be complete this week. Exciting, right? Satan has been trying to make progress this week too:

1. I have anxiety - I am a worrier. I always have been. Because I worry, it also means that I love to plan things out and be in "control". I went to my doctor for my physical on Thursday and had her fill out the form. Of course she wrote something on the form that I whole heartedly disagreed with and I told her so. This was not the wording that I had planned on her using. I was seriously angry and began to worry. Satan immediately jumped at this opportunity and led me down an anxious path - and, unfortunately, I followed. Ugghhh, for 6 hours I worried about the wording on my physical form. Rob kept telling me, "Everything is fine. God's got this. He's not going to lead us all the way here and then slam the door in our face." I showed the Social Worker our form and she said, "This isn't a problem. Why were you worried?" UGGHHH! I heard the Holy Spirit say, "See. I got this. You of little faith...."

2. The same day, I was getting dinner ready. We love General Tso's Chicken in our house, so I had bought some to have for dinner tonight because it was quick and easy. I bought two of the boxes because, as I mentioned before, we really like General Tso's so I had to make sure we had enough. I start the rice in the rice cooker and I'm looking in the freezer for the chicken. I found one box and I'm looking for the second. I can't find it anywhere. I'm starting to get frustrated because I know it was there! I just bought it a couple of days ago. Rob comes up and is like, "Oh, we ate it for lunch." What? You ate the General Tso's for lunch? We don't eat that for lunch. Your joking right? Yes, we got into a FIGHT over General Tso's chicken!!!!! How CRAZY is that? Today, I am laughing about it, but on Thursday, it was sooooo not funny. Rob quickly realized that this was Satan attacking, so he brought it to my attention and we moved on. All over General Tso's????

And finally....

3. Our renter called us to tell us they had broken up and she was moving out. So, we had to pull the lease out and go over the terms with them. Of course, it is not pretty to break a lease, but at the same time, we probably wouldn't hold them to the full terms if we got it rented pretty quickly. Anyway, we have no idea what they will do. Will they pay all the money or will they end up not paying? My guy tells me that they will do the right thing and not leave us hanging. They are nice people and we are nice people - not that it means much because nice people do bad things some times, but I know that Satan is attacking us to make us doubt the adoption. This is the one area where I feel completely at peace about. Rob is the one that is feeling the pressure.

Your prayers are sincerely appreciated right now! Pray for perseverance and an unwavering faith. Thanks!


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  1. Update: Our renters have worked things out between themselves...thanx for the prayers, they are working!