Friday, August 30, 2013

3 things (6/30/13)


Little did I know that breakfast would be the start to a really rough day. This has been one of those days that I thank GOD it is over! Three bright spots to the day:

#1. Church - we went to church. It is an international church. It was a neat experience. I think what I enjoyed the most was a prayer session where a Congolese person was praying for the country. It was intense. She prayed with more fervency and faith than I think we Americans are used to. She prayed that innocent blood would not being shed in this country and for rapes to stop. Like I said it was intense, but gave me a reality check. I've been so absorbed with my adoption that I have forgotten about things that are going on in the world as well.

#2. Brownies and Ice cream for dinner. Enough said....

#3. A friend who has walked beside me, held my hand, cried for me and with me, and been a never ceasing encourager arrived here in Congo with her husband this evening. I want to cry because there are very few people who understand this road we have been on and for her to be here brings me so much joy.....I'm relieved that she is here!

Thank you God that this day is OVER! Please let tomorrow be a better day!

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