Friday, August 30, 2013

Sleep over!!! (5/4/13)

So I'm missing Christy terribly so I just called her this morning and got a huge surprise; she was able to bring Imani and Galvani to the hotel for a sleepover last night! In fact, everyone who was on the trip that had children in an orphanage it was a hotel full of mama's and their children. Thank you Lord! She was able to give them both showers which Imani thoroughly loved even though the water was freezing cold. She said that it took her quite a while to warm up to Christy, but now she is very spunky and chatty, so she'll fit right in here. Galvani is very sweet and has really taken to Christy and Imani. She said they play very well together, share food with each other and Christy (I'm shocked!) and Galvani even stuck Imani's little toy in his pocket last night and gave it back to her this morning. It was awesome just listening to them chatter in the background and listen to Christy interact with them...and man do they talk fast! They had a great night, although Christy had to sleep on the tile floor, and now they are just hanging out, playing and snacking on Slim Jim's....they are a huge hit with the kids. She said she also brought a little boy named Enoch with her because he doesn't have a family yet so she wanted to include him...that woman's heart is huge! Love her.

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