Friday, August 30, 2013

DNA-day (8/5/13)


The DNA test happened which is the most incredible story of the day, but I thought I would give a full update.

We were ready to go to the Embassy at 8am. Our ride was late and so the van with Imani's mom ended up coming to pick us up. It was a bit awkward for me, but, even more so for Imani. She did not want to go to her mom and I had to make her. I wish I could have known what was going on in her little head. Any way, she allowed her mom to hold and spoke a little, but barely. When we arrived at the Embassy we all went in and we sat. They took ids then we sat. They returned ids then we sat. And we sat. And we sat. The nurse finally arrived, then we ALL sat. Finally, the Vice Consul came to supervise the testing. The nurse wanted to wait to... the end to collect payment, so we waited some more. When we finally were able to pay and leave the embassy I asked for a picture of the mom and Imani. Then, we all three took a picture together - she and parts of the family were telling her to smile and she was not having it. So, someone else yelled to smile and she started crying. I panicked a bit and then I took her from her mom and comforted her. I decided while we were waiting we would go to the market right up the street. Yes, I know you are wondering, I bought a Fanta. When we got back to where everyone was (I had secretly hoped they had left) was, our translator said, Yes, She would like to talk to you, but I told her now is not the time. My heart sank because I am wondering, What does she want to talk about? Is she going to ask me for money? Or a house? Or what? I did promise to come to where she lives because I want to take pictures and have things t show Imani when she wonders and questions.

We finally got back to the house about 2pm. We ate lunch and then I took a nap. We ordered from a new Lebanese restaurant and I went out on a limb and it was really good! It was called Manakish. It was a flat bread with ham and cheese and then squished like a quesadilla. Very good!!!! Then, I gave Imani a bath and I did her SUKI! Suki is hair in Lingala. She was SO HAPPY that I was doing something different with her hair. A friend her showed me how to coil it, so I gave it a whirl. You probably won't be able to see it in this picture, but, it IS done. Definitely a "Mundeli" job. (Lingala for American or white person).

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