Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 4 (6/29/13)

Two days ago we went to visit the orphanage where the kids are from. Since one of my friends is coming, I brought her son with us when we left. He is a doll and is so excited to be here with some of his friends. I've facetimed with his family and he just loves it! Needless to say, The three kids are in the bed and I pulled a mattress from an unused room into my room and onto the floor. This worked out pretty good the night before - because I promise you - Galvani is a gymnast in deep cover. The child takes up most of the king size bed rolling around at night. Elbows and knees in my back!

So, anyway, even being on the floor did not help me get sleep last night as Galvani's stomach was hurting and he wanted to be with me. So, I let him lay with me and so it was the both of us on a... twin size mattress. How he slept, I have no idea because I sure did not. I moved him in the middle of the night and he was not happy, but finally he went back to sleep. but don't worry, he woke up at the crack of dawn for water, then woke the other two kids up too! Today is going to be rough. I do not do well without my sleep. I need about 6 hours to function and I's not sure if I have gotten that. We'll see.

I found out some information yesterday about our case that was a little....different than what we thought. It's ok, I think, but we need your prayers. I cannot stay here indefinitely, so I will need the Embassy to start moving on things. Yesterday was sort of rough as a whole group of people received emails from the Embassy that their cases were ready for visa appointments. We were all a little depressed, but, we are hoping with lots of prayer we can get some information from the Embassy this week.

As if the strawberry example might not have been enough - I needed to buy some bath towels yesterday. I went to the larger "City Market" and found one that would work perfect. Problem - $26 dollars. I about had a heart attack. Needless to say, I did not buy that one. I bought the 5 dollar one.

Other than that, the kids are doing great. They are really enjoying eating and we have been able to get our housekeeper to make them local food which they are really enjoying.

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