Friday, August 30, 2013

Small Victory! (6/30/13)



As much as two people can argue in different languages, Galvani and I had a battle of the wills. He wanted bread for breakfast and I made oatmeal. I have been told to set clear boundaries from the very beginning. So, I set this boundary. Over an hour later he was still crying and I was beginning to doubt myself. REALLY DOUBT. Galvani was crying so it in turn was making the other little boy cry. He would have eaten it if Galvani had not thrown a fit. I had one of the older girls come and tell Galvani, "No bread. Eat your oatmeal and then you can have bread." He yelled at her and kept crying. I went to sit right outside the dining room and 2 minutes later, Galvani comes out with a smile on his face with the cup of oatmeal. My guess is he tried it when I walked away and decided it was good!!!!

Small Victory!

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