Friday, August 30, 2013

Next day (8/1/13)


August 1:

Today was a holiday, so we sat around the compound. It sounds worse than it was. We slept until 8:30 which was good because I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep. We got up - ate breakfast, Imani ate her dinner from the night before for lunch, then one of the drivers they normally hire offered to cook dinner before some friends were leaving, so we enjoyed a traditional Congolese meal. It was good. For all you adoptive parents, NO I did not eat FUFU. American friends who are not adopting Congolese - think of FuFu as a dough ball. Not even a bisquick doughball, just flour and water. Yum, right? NO! I tried it the last visit and thought it was gross so I was glad he did not make it!

Imani and I had a great day. We played with friends here, we played ball, we pl...ayed with My little Pony, she played in one of the drivers cars, we watched Dora, she took a bath, clean PJs, I did her suki (hair), we brushed was great! She wanted to put socks on before bed. Apparently purple is not her favorite color because she would not put the purple ones on. After getting them on, she put her shoes on - I said no, Kolala and I turned around and she was crying on the bed. I have NO IDEA why she was crying. Well, other than she did not want to go to bed, she wanted to wear her shoes to bed or she did not want to wear her socks. So, I held her while she cried, tried to ask her what was wrong, then just held her until she fell asleep. I prayed for God to heal her brokenness because I know underneath all of her awesomeness is still a 3 year old little girl who has lived at an orphanage. I prayed she would allow me to love her and that her trust will grow.

Praise! Her birthmom went and got her ID card yesterday! THANK YOU GOD! I am so excited that this worked out. You guys just don't understand - This is Africa - things just don't happen when they are suppose to!

Did some P90X Yoga tonight with another mom. It was nice and a good stress relief! LOL

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