Friday, August 30, 2013

Bombshell (7/17/13)


So, I know we've been pretty quiet the past few weeks as it pertains to what's been going on with the kid's cases, but we're ready to explain a bit and, hopefully, you'll understand why we've been taking some time to wrap our heads around what we've learned...and why it was so important for Christy to go to Congo so suddenly.

*breathe....* Ok, we've found out that Imani's birth mother is still alive and living in Kinshasa. Her father either left right before she was born or right after, so he's not in the picture at all. She has been interviewed and willingly gave up Imani to be adopted; she simply can't take care of her. She understands the process and what adoption means. To say that we were anything other than shocked when we first found out would be an understatement, but we're the point now where we realize that this is effectively no different than any other international adoption where the birth parents abandon their child.

Obviously this has thrown a little bit of a wrench in our timeline because we have to go back and get documents changed and she has to go to the Embassy on July 31st to be interviewed to ensure this is all on the up and up. What we need right now is continued, fervent prayers...prayer that the embassy interview goes well, prayer that they will not require a DNA test (which is a real possibility and would add even more time) and that through everything, Imani would remain safe, happy and healthy.

It's interesting to me when I look back and think about how optimistic we were in bringing her home in January, but we now can see part of the reason for the delays...we needed to know about Imani's birth mom, where she comes from and the true story behind her abandonment. But here is what we know to be true: God is faithful, He loves us, He loves Imani and Galvani more than we ever possibly could and this has gone according to His plan all along. So, we wait...and we pray. Thank you for your love and support, we rely heavily upon it.

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