Friday, August 30, 2013

Waiting for DHL and praying for another family (8/7/13)


Another day of waiting! I already posted the great thing about the DNA being picked up (by DHL), so it is on its way (back to the states for processing)!!!!

This exit letter is something that us Americans don't understand. These children are already lawfully ours under Congolese law, so not sure exactly why we have to get another letter that can only be done after the US Embassy gives a visa. The letter is useless - honestly. It is a letter that says, yep, you can take your child out of the country....

There is a couple here who have been here for 4 weeks. They haven't been waiting the ENTIRE time, but pretty close to it. They have spent over $1,200 in flight change fees. They spent a lot of time at that office today begging for their letter. They STILL DO NOT HAVE IT! Please pray for them. They need to get home to their other children who are having a VERY hard time.

Thank you!

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