Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 2 (6/27/13)


So, here I am in Africa. Had a really good second day with the kids. Even went to the orphanage today and they did great. I went to the grocery store for the third time. Seriously? Yep. I'm a fruit-a-holic and I saw some nice looking strawberries at the market. Guess how much. no, really, guess. Would you believe it if I told you $25 dollars for less than a pint? I think it was 7 strawberries. A three pound bag of apples - $8. Guess I won't be eating any fruit.

The kids are great. Imani started testing me last night. We had spaghetti for dinner. I put her plate in front of her and she pushed it away shaking her head no. I put it back, she pushed away. We did this several times. I put it back in front of her and turned my head. I could see out of the corner of my eye that...
she did not push it all the way out. I engaged in conversation with other parents and then I saw it! She stole a little noodle and ate it. Then, of course, she ate almost the entire plate.
Galvani is awesome. It will take him awhile to become a kid. It is very apparent that as one of the older kids in the orphanage that he helped take care of the littler ones. He can speak some English which is a HUGE help. We have a tutor type person who is coming next week for a couple hours a day and I will see if he is interested. Imani had a meltdown over rice today. Long story. Kind of funny now, but really frustrating in the moment.

Congo is a third world country. It is going to be very difficult to be here for an undetermined amount of time. Suddenly questioning myself.....I think the magnitude of leaving the states for such a long time (possibly) is really weighing on me. Please say a prayer of strength for me and for Rob. This is going to be very hard on both of us and our boys at home.

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