Friday, August 30, 2013

Travel day (6/28/13)


Watching Christy detangle and flat-ron my little ponies so that they are ready for Imani to play with when she arrives in Congo you think she's excited to see her little girl again? Lord, please let this be the trip she brings her home...

Later that day...


Left 45 minutes late for the airport! And it had NOTHING to do with my little pony! Please God! Let me get a good seat with some leg room. Complimentary upgrade to economy plus would be great!

On the plane...

Praise God! We were late to the airport, I checked in and they put red "status pending" on my luggage. Was a little freaked - then they said I did not have a seat and would have to check in for seat assignment at the gate!!! Got to gate and guess what? ECONOMY PLUS! Praise God! 5 extra inches of leg room! Off I go!

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