Friday, August 30, 2013

A love note... (8/9/13)

From Rob, to Chirsty:

I love your daily posts; they are raw, emotional and completely real. You don't hold anything back, which is one of the things I love most about you; I've told you time and time again that I wish I was more like you in this way. You are doing an amazing job with our little girl, but I already knew you would because your the strongest person that I know and if anyone could do this, it's you. And Sandy is right, Imani must trust you enough to let you see this side of her...let that thought marinate for a while. This precious little angel who's been dealt one of the crappiest deals in life is starting to trust you, her mother, the person who chose her and to love her as your own. I know it's hard over there and it may not seem like it, but the rest of us can see how much she's already grown in your care. I look at the pic of Mama Koko holding Imani or her birth-mom holding her and I see the detachment from them, the unfamiliarity, the lack of trust in her eyes, the lack of expression....and then I look at the pic you put up tonight and I see life in her eyes, I see security and I see love...and that's because of you. So proud of you! Keep your head up and stay strong, we all are supporting you and cheering for you here at home. Love you, me....

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