Friday, August 30, 2013

Bad day (8/9/13)


Today was the first "bad" day. Imani had two meltdowns today. UGH. I was growing a bit impatient with her, honestly. I mean, am I going to change my mind because she keeps crying?

I had arranged to meet a director to receive an important piece of paper today. I ha no guarantees, but I had hoped he would give it to me if I asked. (Wishful thinking? I didn't think so....). Our appointment was at 1, then it was moved to 3. And then, when we call our contact he said that the director had told him that from now on they would only give the letters to the attorneys. He kept saying he was "on his way". By 4:30 when he still was not here, I knew he was not coming. I was really angry. Just tell me the truth. Don't feed me this line about being on the way when you are not. ...I *might* have gotten a little frustrated and told our translator, "This is ridiculous, he is lying!" So then, I got the talk about how he is not necessarily lying, something else might have come up. I just don't understand. If something came up, then tell me, don't have me waiting around thinking you are coming and you aren't.

It was just a bad way to end the week. We had pizza and some wine and now I am good. I was hoping for some good news today, but it did not happen. DNA sample is in Nairobi, Kenya and hasn't moved in almost 24 hours so I am getting a little nervous. I was really thinking that sample would be there by Monday so they could run the tests and get them to the Embassy on Wednesday or Thursday.

We will see how it all plays out. I will take some pictures tomorrow. I know we will do something, not sure what. Have a great Friday and please say a little prayer for our family!!!


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