Friday, August 30, 2013

Another change...seriously? (8/6/13)


The day started out great! I love this girl, I'm telling you what! She is SO AWESOME! When I think of what we have been through and then see her face and the her happiness, it is soooooooo worth it! I honestly never in a million years thought that some of what has transpired would happen to us on this journey, but, even so, all worth it. I will get some more pictures tomorrow so you can see her beautiful face!

So, like I said, day started out great. About 10am we receive a phone call - both parents are required to travel for the exit letter. The letter will NOT be signed any earlier than 7 days after you apply for it. The "average" is 2 to 3 WEEKS. Yes, please, let that sink in. WEEKS!!!!! I had a little freak out. Not because I hate being here, not because I don't want Rob to come but because I really had my heart set on being home for the boys' first day of school. Now I know, that is totally not going to happen. (I mean, if God wants to work a miracle here, I'm ALL ABOUT IT!) How do you work out the logistics of leaving three children and going to a foreign country for 3 WEEKS????? I mean, come on. SERIOUSLY? Who can do that easily? My little Benjamin.....he loves to snuggle and while I know his daddy has been doing a good job while I am away, nothing beats snuggling with your mommy! That means an additional 3 weeks away from them! I have never been away this long. Those 37 meals I made aren't going to last very long at this rate. Rob and I will scramble, and we will get it worked out, but goodness, I really, really, REALLY wish it wasn't like this. REALLY! But, there is always a different perspective and that is I will finally have a partner to make this travel with! We will bring her home TOGETHER! That was something we had been wishing could happen for some time. I also think this time in country with both Rob and I will be very beneficial for her. I was thinking it might also cut down on the "more daddy" phone calls.  We'll see what happens. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm upset about this. I'm upset about the entire situation, but I know it will work out. This girl is going to do something great because it sure has been one trial after another getting her home!

Thank you for your prayers and your support! We will need them!

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