Friday, August 30, 2013

Update (8/10/13)


We had a really nice day today. We went over to an American's house here in Kinshasa. Her husband is in the military and he was at work, so she invited us over. It was a very nice house! Pool and everything. She was really kind - make us real coffee from a coffee maker, chicken salad, cookies. It was great! It was so nice to get away. It is winter here, so it was cool without being cold - my favorite kind of weather!!!!

Another mom and I *might* have been stalking the DHL website. We had received SO MANY stories of where our packages were - They were still in Nairobi, they were being ground transported to another Kenyan airport, this last scan was only a container scan so it MIGHT have left already. No one seemed to know exactly. So we started calling at no...on our time - 4:15am PST. Another mom called and got the run around again. So I called. the lady said, "Yes, it is strange that there have not been any scans since Thursday, but our research people do not come in until Monday so you'll have to wait until then." Um, not so much. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I told her exactly what was up. I told here that there were 4 DNA tests that NEEDED to get back to the United Stated for processing. I told her that the longer my package was in limbo, the longer I had to stay in Congo - which is AFRICA. I think once she realized I was sitting in Congo, she started to understand. I told her my stay in Congo depended on the Embassy getting the results of this test. So, she said she would call Nairobi because DHL flights were scheduled to have returned to normal on Friday night, so ours should have left Friday night. She called back a couple of hours later and said she got no where with Kenya, but they do fly on Saturday and Sundays, so ours should go out. Oh we waited and refreshed ALOT. FINALLY at 9:40 last night it processed and an hour later it departed Kenya. The supervisor called back and said she wasn't sure if it would arrive in Cincinnati today or Monday, but it should go out for delivery on Tuesday after clearing customs. She did change my delivery for the earliest possible delivery so that there is a chance it will start testing on Tuesday. We will call the DNA center on Monday to see if we can get it done and results sent a little quicker. So, we will see.

I am still not feeling well. Now it has moved to my sinuses - this is cold symptoms - not malaria symptoms. There is a NP here, so she is keeping an eye on symptoms = so don't worry!

Here is what I need this week:
1. Prayers for health
2. Prayers for new paperwork to be received in the beginning of the week
3. Prayers for the Bordeaux letter
4. Prayers for quick DNA processing and results sent to Embassy
5. Prayers for a quick Visa Appointment

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